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Mr. Larsen’s 25 years of both business and legal experience adds a unique perspective to your business. Whether you are just setting up your new business or you are in a growth mode, Mr. Larsen’s experience will help guide you through the pitfalls. This unique approach means that we understand the meaning of customer service and we know how to help your business thrive. You will always know what you are going to get and when you are going to get it. Through the use of flat fees and budgets, you will always know the cost and you will never have to wonder if asking your lawyer a question will cost you $1,000 or $6,000. The goal is to build a relationship where your lawyer feels like a part of your team, instead of a burden on your income statement. Mr. Larsen is here to help your small business WIN.


Have a great idea for a business? Don’t let the legal hurdles stop you from pursuing your great idea. Mr. Larsen will take care of the necessities and guide you along the way. Let us help turn your dream into reality.

Getting your small business up and running is often the most difficult part. Trying to figure out just what is required to legally establish a business can often times discourage people from pursuing a good idea. We can take care of the headache of navigating the legal requirements. You will not only have someone to take care of filing all the required paperwork, but you will have someone that can answer your questions as they arise. We will be there with you from the beginning to make sure you establish a firm foundation for your new business. Go into this new venture with confidence because you have an attorney who will take an interest in your success. Your business will be formed by a professional in no time.

Ongoing Business

Running your own business can be time-consuming and stressful. Navigating all of the legal requirements can kill productivity. Mr. Larsen will give you quick, straight forward answers to your legal worries. Mr. Larsen has worked with clients to streamline their contracting processes and form contracts, negotiate the most difficult and complex documents, provide outside general counsel services, and assist in entity formation. A perfect solution for a growing business without a legal department.

Our office is a law firm with the entrepreneur’s success in mind. Because of his business background, you will get a lawyer that think more like business people that understands that taking calculated risks is needed for the business to succeed. You can get affordable one-time legal advice, or sign up for our unique package based system for outside general counsel services, where you will get a set price for a pre-determined amount of time to take care of your daily, weekly, or monthly legal needs.

Mr. Larsen focuses on building on-going relationships and in the process take some of the stress out of running your business. Our goal is to remove the legal frustrations so you can focus on your business where the ultimate goal is to help you succeed and prosper.

Houston Outside General Counsel Services

Provides both proactive and responsive legal consultations. When you purchase an annual or monthly retainer, you receive not only discounted rates on legal services, but also have access to an attorney who understands your business on-call when you need them. Pricing for outside counsel services can be much more affordable than hiring an in-house counsel.  Call for details.

Lawyer On-Call Services

Contract Review Services
  • Review, analyze, and explain contracts, loan, lease, construction, or other agreements.
  • Negotiation of terms of various agreements
  • Drafting or review of contracts
Handling of Serious Legal Matters
  • Reply to Lawyer Letters
  • Case Analysis and Assessment
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Strategies for litigation avoidance
  • Assistance in procuring and managing cost-effective outside counsel, when necessary.

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