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As a Houston Business Consultant, Mr. Larsen provides consulting services to assist you in optimizing your transaction or project. We help you put together a team of seasoned professionals based on your specific needs.

Examples of projects that we can work on to optimize your transaction:

Real Estate Transaction: Assisting the client on finding a funding partner and a JV partner for a large residential development deal. In addition, our business team will consist of experts in finding, identifying, and negotiating all the available credits and tax incentives. This type of consulting saves the client time and money and will put money into his pocket, greatly maximizing the profitability of their project.

International Representation: Mr. Larsen has consulted with in-house legal teams and businesses without a legal team to assist them in expansion and business internationally. When navigating the international legal market, it pays to have an experienced international attorney to help navigate the potential expensive legal fees. Mr. Larsen has access and connections in more than 80 countries globally to get your international legal work done at the best price and get the work done most efficiently.

Litigation Management – Mr. Larsen is experienced in managing large amounts of litigation across multiple jurisdictions. We have managed litigation regionally, nationally, and internationally, assisting in-house legal teams to hire and manage litigators in each jurisdiction and making sure that there are efficiencies with the work being completed.

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