A Unique approach.

More than just legal services, we like to get involved earlier so that we can provide a solution that saves you more money in the long run and gets you the best deal for your transaction.

We approach your transaction looking at the bigger picture, not just the legal documents. This approach ensures that you will get a higher return for your investment.

Market knowledge

With more than 25 years of experience in business and commercial real estate, we make the right connections for our client to ensure that each of their transactions are optimized for maximum profitability.


Commercial Real Estate and Finance

Mr. Larsen managed and directed a large amount of the liquidation and disposition of the real estate across the 50 states in 2007-2009. This experience honed his drafting skills and saw first hand which clauses stuck and which did not. Mr. Larsen has represented different parties in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and negotiated documents with the best CRE finance attorneys both notionally and internationally.

This unique experience assures that you have the most experienced commercial real estate attorney in your corner.

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Mr. Larsen’s 25 years of both business and legal experience adds a unique perspective to your business. Whether you are just setting up your new business or you are in a growth mode, Mr. Larsen’s experience will help guide you through the pitfalls.

Mr. Larsen has worked with clients to streamline their contracting processes and form contracts, negotiate the most difficult and complex documents, provide outside general counsel services, and assist in entity formation. A perfect solution for a growing business without a legal department.

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Consulting Services

You need more than just an attorney, you need a team of professionals that will help guide you through the transaction and ensure the best outcome. Through years of experience in both business and commercial real estate, Mr. Larsen is well connected locally, nationally, and internationally.

Mr. Larsen has consulted clients to put teams together for a transaction, to manage national litigation projects, and to assist business in navigating their legal needs internationally. His unique set of skills goes well beyond legal advice. Where some lawyers will see barriers, Mr. Larsen finds business solutions that make sense and allow business to grow.

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