A Common Sense Approach to Commercial Real Estate and Business Law

We seek to achieve practical and workable solutions to transactions that can be very complex. Our approach to complex real estate and business transactions is a creative yet pragmatic approach emphasizing workable solutions to achieve practical results with highest value. Rapid turnaround, clear structure and a solid understanding of business objectives are among our guiding principles.

A Unique Approach for Your Real Estate or Business Legal Needs

More than just legal services, we like to get involved earlier so that we can provide a solution that saves you more money in the long run and gets you the best deal for your transaction.

We approach your transaction looking at the bigger picture, not just the legal documents. This approach ensures that you will get a higher return for your investment.

Meet Pete Larsen. Pete is an innovative and strategic attorney, with a diverse legal background in several industries, including commercial and residential real estate, financial services, securitized lending, investment, general commercial law.

Pete Larsen is the U.S. based Partner of First Law International and practices in Texas in the areas of real estate, business and finance as well as consulting.

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