A Common-sense Approach

We seek to achieve practical and workable solutions to transactions that can be very complex. Our approach to complex real estate and business transactions is a creative yet pragmatic approach emphasizing workable solutions to achieve practical results with highest value. Rapid turnaround, clear structure and a solid understanding of business objectives are among our guiding principles.

Meet the Team Leader

Pete Larsen


P: 832.660.1394
F: 832.553-7444

Innovative and strategic attorney, with a diverse legal background in several industries, including commercial and residential real estate, financial services, securitized lending, investment, general commercial law. Pete Larsen is the U.S. based Partner of First Law International and practices in Texas  in the areas of real estate, business and finance as well as consulting.

Mr. Larsen brings more than fifteen years of experience in corporate in-house experience, commercial real estate law, title, commercial leasing, and litigation related to residential, multi-family and commercial real estate and has more than 10 years of business management experience prior to attending law school.

Prior to his current positions, Pete Larsen served as Associate General Counsel for a premier commercial real estate and loan advisory services company, Situs. Mr. Larsen primarily supported Situs’ servicing and special servicing businesses, providing legal expertise within commercial mortgage servicing and special servicing, including servicing and special servicing in securitization. His responsibilities also include complex contract preparation and negotiation, legal project management, risk assessment and insurance. In October 2011, Mr. Larsen was the lead attorney on the purchase of loan servicing rights of approximately 9.7 billion Euros, more than doubling the company’s European assets under management at that time.

Because of his background in both business and law, Mr. Larsen specializes in putting teams together for each transaction with the goal of making the client successful. His consulting provides a more robust solution than just your trusted legal advisor.

Mr. Larsen earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from South Texas College of Law Houston, Texas. Mr. Larsen has also served as an Adjunct Professor teaching Business Law, U.S. Constitutional History, and Political Science to both undergraduate and MBA graduate programs. Mr. Larsen is trilingual in English, Spanish and Portuguese.