Houston Commercial Real Estate and Business Attorney and Consultant

Pete Larsen, a Houston Attorney, has over 25 years experience in commercial real estate, finance and business with a unique perspective. Focusing on real estate transactions and businesses, we offer a complete solutions for each of your transactions. Each transaction is unique and needs a complete business solution that makes sense. We focus on solutions.

Experts in commercial real estate and business, servicing clients throughout Texas. We are not just a legal solution, but a full set of tools, services and connections to put your deal together. We work hard to make sure you have the right team. Like our practice, this website was designed for the client. Please feel free to explore the services we offer, we look forward to making your business successful.



Commercial Real Estate Law

Assist buyers, sellers, lenders and developers of commercial and residential property in real estate transactions throughout the Houston Metroplex.

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Not just your lawyer, our consulting services specialize in building bridges with the needed team to structure solutions for the most optimal result for all of your transactions.

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Business Law

Experience is the most important quality in a commercial Lawyer.  Mr. Larsen is a seasoned  professional with real world business experience.

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